Who We Are

Club Affairs is an advisory independent organisation, dedicated to providing tailor-made services to football organisations worldwide. 

Based in Geneva, we understand better than most, the unique challenges of Club and League management and provide practical, collaborative services to support professional football organisations.

Professionals with 10+ years of experience in the world of football, having visited 200+ football clubs across the world, we are able to provide bespoke analyses in English, French, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Polish context and beyond…

Hertha BSC session, Olympiastadion Berlin ©

Our Services

Having gained more than 10 years experience at the Heart of Football, being in charge of the Membership & Knowledge unit at the European Club Association, we have built a set of services for clubs across Europe to boost performances off the pitch, directly impacting on-pitch results. Backed by numerous publications, analyses and workshops, our extensive knowledge is transversal and applicable at any level of the professional football pyramid.

Working as an advisory independent organisation based in Geneva, Switzerland, we provide concrete & impactful actions to the sports organisations. We have already established a number of collaborative projects and are able to provide tailor-made services to your club or organisation.

  • 360° Club Review, Assessment & Growth Strategy
  • Business and Governance Eco-system Analysis
  • Women’s Club Optimisation
  • Bespoke knowledge creators and organisers #ECACMP
  • Advisory on the #12QualityAreas for Club Youth Academies www.bit.ly/12QA

Based on its extensive experience, as a deliverable we are able to offer tailor-made Development Seminars both online or onsite from content to execution with access to the best experts in sports.

We have an unrivalled experience among the sports consultancy world in developing strategies, improve governance and find viable frameworks for competitive sports. For instance, this was evidenced by our role in the UEFA Women’s Champions League competition review and format reform, the initial proposal of the current UEFA Youth League and through the creation and development of the ECA membership relations covering 55 National Associations.

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We operate as a team of creative and forward thinking professionals. With our extensive
experience within the football industry, our aim is to innovate and improve the beautiful
game. With headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, we operate with a global network of affiliates and collaborators whose diverse range of expertise complements our services.

Contact us for more information about our services and how they can help further develop your structure: contact@clubaffairs.ch

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Pioneers in club football executive programmes

We were at the origin of the #ECACMP and we developed the content and delivery of the world’s first bespoke executive education dedicated to professional club football. We are pioneers in the field of club football executive education. We deliver tailor-made club-focused content with a genuine spirit from content to execution with access to the best experts in sports. Backed by over 10 publications, 20 analyses and 30 workshops, such as the Club Management Guide, our extensive knowledge is transversal and applicable at any level of the professional football pyramid.

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